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Traditional vishnumaya chathan swami upasana temple having a ten decade's of traditional worship of vishnumaya chathan swami.famous by its traditional power of vishnumaya upasana. Founder poojari named ARIYALLI VELAYUDHAN POOJARI worshipped deities called "chathan swami","meenkulathy bhagavathy", "Kalladikod karineeli" and much more secret deitie in the earlier of nineties. Deities called "kurukkal chekkutty manjery kurukkal are the muslim religion's deities. This is unique temple in kerala having many moorthys (deities)to solve all the problems in life which effected by the blackmagics.negative energies.prayers from enemies.. And also for the blessings

Temple is situated in the banks of historical river called bharathapuzha (nila).In palakkad district in between ottapalam and shornur.. In a valluvanadan village called Tharngali (thrangali)


The Temple opens everyday morning at 6AM. UshaPooja is after 1AM. Except Wednesday all other days the temple is opened till 1PM. Till this time devotees can do their rituals and special poojas.

Temple re-opens at evening 5:30pm. After Deeparadhana and Athazha Pooja at 6.30PM, Temple closes at 7PM

  • Morning Opening : 6AM
  • Morning Closing : 1PM
  • In Wednesday's temple closes at 10AM
  • Evening Opening : 5.30PM
  • Evening Closing : 7PM


Vishnumaya or commonly known as the 'chathan' is a Hindu god famous for magic capabilities. Vishnumaya is famous in south india, primarily Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh etc. He is considered to be the son of Lord Shiva and Kulivaka, a tribal reincarnation of Shree Parvathi .

History Of Vishnumaya Temple

In the village Thrangali on the banks of the sacred river Bharathapuzha,our great grandfather, Sri Velayudhan Poojari devote and founded the Kalarikal Sree Vishnumaya temple. For many devotees, Sri vishnumaya chathanswamy and Velayudhan poojari provide the desire satisfication and life achievements for more than a centuary.

Following the days of grandfather,his favourite follower Pallam Petti , Velayudhaswamy conducted the Upasana Pooja. Presently, the Upasana pooja is conducting veneration of Vinodh Kallarikkal (unni),son of Sri Velayudha Swamy