Prathishta Dhinam

"Which falls in the malayalam month of vrischikam in the atham star Special poojas will be lead by temple thanthri thiruvilwamala "mudakkal mana subhrahmanyan namboothiri"

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Ganapathy Homa

Performing Ganapathy Homam during the beginning of the year will give prosperity, health and wealth for the whole year.Ganapathy puja or sloka can be performed every day morning

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Sudharsana Homa

The Sudarshana Fire Lab is performed by Vedic specialists familiar with the significance of the procedure, while maintaining the sanctity of the ritual. Mantras and chants befitting the ceremony are recited with deep reverence.

kumbha Bharani Aarattu Maholsavam

Kshethra Ulsavam and Roopakalam Kumbha bharani is celebrated as the temple festival... Which is the birthdate of Ancient Temple priest sree ariyalli velayudhan poojari

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Aarattu in Bharathapuzha Nila rivier beside to temple.. Roopakalam dharsanam are the main festival procedures.

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Traditional temple art from are performed by renowned artists from various place of Kerala.

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Large number participation of devotees will be there on the same day for getting the blessings of devathaas...

God never said that the journey would be easy, but He did say that the arrival would be worthwhile.