Guruthi Kalasham

  • Meenkulathi Guruthi : 3003/-
  • KaruppaSwami Guruthi : 3003/-
  • ChuttuVilakku : 2002/-
  • Kareem Neeli Guruthi : 3003/-

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  • Vishnumaya Roopakkalam : 10,000/-
  • Nithya Pooja : 1001/-
  • Vellattu Karmam : 101/-
  • ChuttuVilakku : 2002/-

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Special Pooja's

  • Erachi Pathiri : 3003/-
  • Shaktheya Pushpanjali : 51/-
  • Muttarukkal : 51/-
  • Kaivisham Shardhikkal : 501/-

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vishnumaya         vishnumaya         Traditional Vishnumaya Chathan Swami Upasana Temple having a ten Decade's of Traditional Worship of Vshnumaya Chathan Swami        Daily Pooja Time : 28-04-2021 - 5.00am        
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History Of Vishnumaya Temple

The Temple of Lord Sri Vishnumaya is dedicated to Lord Chathanswamy which is an ancient tradition of Valluvanad. In the centuries-old temple, the Lord Vishnumaya Kuttichathan is a divine spirit that energies the magical powers and services. From this arrangement, all the disaster and affectionate scent is offered to the devotees by special poojas, Shaktiya pooja, guruti pooja, devotees, poojas and other devotees performing mantras in Vishnumaya. The temple of Thrangali is an ancient tradition based in the tradition of the chanting mantras. In this Chattanseva Madom and Sree Vishnumaya Kuttichathan Thayankottam, the Holy Spirit is a sacred shrine of Lord Shiva, the family, the physical and mental family work and all the obstacles that are related to other lifestyle.


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Vishnumaya Roopakkalam

Very important and sacret offering to vishnumaya which is held in the temple in a very special days. Traditional well knowned person will draw the picture of vishnumaya and will progress by traditional poojas.

Nithya Pooja

For getting blessed by vishnumaya and other devathas for the permanent solutions from different negative energies and blackmagics. Which includes naivedyam for all the dieties special prayers for the devotees.

Guruthy Kalasam

According to the problems faced by the devotees guruthy pooja will be sujested for different dieties. Procedure of ancient poojas which leads the removal of all the blackmagics and getting blessed.


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Solutions for Family Problems

With the grate blessing of vishnumaya a sincere devotee can get rid of the disturbing problems in the family by negative energies or enemies Can get a well being happy and prosperous family without any illness.

Marriage Issues

Solutions for not getting marriage Special poojas for getting married to the loved ones Removal of marriage blocks.

Solutions for Infertility

Infertility can also takes place because of not getting blessings by ancient persons. By performing special poojas to the devathas devotees can get blessings. Which may lead you to get the luck of having children.


The festivals in Vishnumaya temple with several programmes of worship . Many of the prayers are accompanied with atmosphere of solemnity and devotion. People from different areas come for worshipping Bhagavan Chathan Swamy.Almost all of art work of the ancient days were religious manifestations intended to please god.

Prathishta Dhinam

Which falls in the malayalam month of vrischikam in the atham star Special poojas will be lead by temple thanthri thiruvilwamala "mudakkal mana subhrahmanyan namboothiri".

Kumbha Bharani Aarattu Maholsavam

Kumbha Bharani is celebrated as the temple festival... Which is the birthdate of Ancient Temple priest sree ariyalli velayudhan poojari.Traditional temple art from are performed by renowned artists.

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To explore and enjoy the real traditional kerala temples having dacades of traditional historical places in and around the old valluvanad country. With extreme spiritual values .

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